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Ulf Lonegren - Co-Founder and Managing Director at Roketto

ulf lonegren

managing director

Forever fascinated by brand + web design, Ulf’s creative and technical expertise shines when tasked with bringing a client’s vision from concept to reality.

Chris Onyett - Co-Founder and Managing Director at Roketto

chris onyett

managing director

With 10+ years experience in the online marketing space, you learn what it takes to support effective growth strategies via digital mediums. Talk to Chris about how to make your company the next success story.

you + us

In today’s competitive landscape, you need a digital partner who lives to compete, and shows up to win. A dedicated team that will listen to your story, and work with you towards measurable goals.

Jason Pettyjohn - Account Director at Roketto

jason pettyjohn

account director

Doer of all things digital – Jason keeps projects on target, drawing on his rich background in web design, development and agency management.

Christine Vaughan - Inbound Marketing Director at Roketto

christine vaughan

inbound marketing director

As a professional project manager with zeal for the digital and tech world, Christine brings her energy and focus to grasping and executing on client’s goals.

launch to new heights

We don’t offer cookie cutter processes or fluff. We build strategic plans that impact your bottom line and help you grow.

Molly Gibson Kirby - Copywriter and Marketing Strategist at Roketto

molly gibson kirby

copywriter & marketing strategist

Writing is not only Molly’s career, it’s her passion. Molly dives deep into the world of Inbound Marketing and writes about this fundamental shift in business on Roketto’s blog.

Roketto - Digital Marketing and Web Design Office Mascot - Kupo


office mascot
Kelowna Web Design - Roketto
Rudi van Heerden - Lead Web Developer at Roketto

rudi van heerden

lead web developer

Rudi thrives on creating interactive and intuitive digital experiences. His logical and adept approach to coding and design is reflected in the results.

About Roketto - Design Process
Maddie Cunning - Front End Developer at Roketto

maddie cunning

front end developer

Intrigued by all things development and design, Maddie is always ready to learn about modern technologies and take on new challenges.

We love Monday mornings as much as Friday evenings. Our symbol is a rocket because, as simple as it sounds, we’re here to take your business further, faster. We believe you can’t fly a business tied to the ground. Our fuel, our economy, is bravery, big ideas and wild dreams. We propel only the ambitious, and avoid anything that isn’t meaningful. We win bids against the big kids in Vancouver & Toronto; they’re also our best clients. Owing to our fantastic hair, we don’t wear hats, but if we did we could hang them on results. Above all else, results. And partnerships. No, that’s not cheesy. It’s true: You need us, we show up, and we deliver. Ask the people who’ve walked into our office without so much as a logo or marketing plan whose businesses are now skipping across provinces & states the way most folks tread the boardwalk. Ask them. We soar when we’re at work because the rest of the time we ride and run and ski and paddle and play like hell in the waters and mountains of this glorious valley. We like to design standing up. We make only the promises we can keep. We’re damn genuine, and gentlemanly. No, we are not like the other guys.