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Roketto is a Kelowna web design and inbound marketing agency focused on helping aspiring companies strengthen their brand and connect with their audience in meaningful ways.

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Adwords Attribution Modeling – 3 Things Good Marketers Can’t Ignore

Every marketer knows conversions don’t happen instantly, but many aren’t aware that their keywords serve different purposes along a prospect’s buying journey. Discover the importance of shifting away from a top scorers only mentality, and assigning value to your keywords based on their role....

How Industrial Companies Attract More Prospects Through Blogging

Your employees are full of information that matters to your potential customers. Are you sharing this knowledge via blog posts and social media? If you’re shaking your head no, that’s okay, we’re here to help you...


State Of Inbound 2017 – Free Inbound Marketing Guide

A comprehensive analysis on the top marketing and sales challenges and priorities businesses face today.

Use this resource to see how over 6,000 marketers utilized inbound marketing and its intrinsic data to gain an understanding of their business and marketing landscape.

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